Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd is going through a renaissance. A redefinition of it's services, philosophy and it's business values. The one thing that is constant, however, is it's belief in people and it's own services. A belief that is strengthened by the passion of it's team, a passion for people and the passion to serve beyond it's limits.

Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd has been in the business of delivering Interdental brushes and dealing in critical care of mouth through it's services since it's inception in 1988. Headquartered in India with wholly owned subsidiary worldwide, Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd is an amalgamation of best practices and competencies; brought in by leading professionals of some of the most renowned names of oral health care.

Services drive us. Over the past two decades, Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd has provided specialized care of mouth and services to a wide range of industry verticals. This puts us in a unique position where we are able to; not only deliver cutting edge solutions; but we are also manufacturers and exporters to various places for our products like US, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan and other developed countries of the world. We help to build in-house competencies of / for our Clients, be it in the oral health care or services domain, or a part of our manufacturing / enterprise services.

At Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd, we believe in relationships, in being strategic partners rather than solution providers, giving special focus to processes and quality. Our client repertoire is therefore amongst the Who's Who of the industry, returning to us for quality solutions, each time, every time.

Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd is where we successfully marry Quality with Services to deliver Real Business Benefits to all our Clients!